Lord Phillip Harris demands government fund increased salaries for teachers, complains policies for free schools are too costly

Lord Harris, sponsor of a highly profitable and successful academy chain in the UK, demanded the government begin delegating more funding to schools and ensure that education is kept a high priority.

Although Harris himself left formal schooling at age 15, he has grown to become one of the most respected and successful entrepreneurs in the UK and a key figure in educational politics.

Harris claimed his schools were going to suffer a 20% reduction in funding, although the chain had allocated over £12 million to savings.

In an interview with The Guardian, Harris stated: “Education is the most important thing in the country. It’s the future for the children.”

Regarding free schools and the government’s policy on them, Harris criticized the schools and their funding as a huge drain on resources, saying the funding could be spent on improving schools in difficulty.

Although Harris has been known to take charge of a school that is failing and works on development, there have also been complaints about high rates of teachers leaving once Harris takes charge.

Harris denies allegations of tampering with schools to improve status

In the past, Harris has been accused of “vanishing” students with lower grades and test scores prior to the GCSE exam scoring period in order to achieve better government evaluation scores.

Harris has dismissed these allegations as frivolous and unfounded, stating firmly and repeatedly to various outlets that none of his schools engaged in what is called “off-rolling” of weaker students.

Harris’s autobiography published earlier in the month details his passion for education and hopes for improving and bettering the education system in the UK.