Students in the Gotham, New-York’s gifted program seem to be the only children received a comprehensive education

New-York parents of children aged 4 may have something in common with the parents of high-school students preparing for higher-education exams: they are currently nervously having discussions regarding test preparation.

The registration period for January’s c-exam has ended. Parents are questioning each other as to whether they will register for preparation courses, what are the best books to buy and discussing their fears that their children may not be talented or gifted.

The c-test is a choice consisting of multiple choice questions, sequence questions, and puzzles are intended to reveal which children have capacities that categorize them as “gifted” students.

However, the specific, carefully crafted questions are not the main issue as most children can be taught how to answer and complete the puzzles, the concerning problem is having a young child, only four years old, manage to complete a 45-minute examination where they are questioned by a stranger and questions are not repeated by the examiner.

Gifted education standards should be implemented for all children

Children that score in or above the 90th percentile are allowed a place in the coveted program for Gifted & Talented children. Those that score in or above 97th percentile has the opportunity to enter a lottery to enter one of the five G&T schools in New-York.

Despite the lottery endeavor, the vast majority of students selected for the program have been from exclusively 99th percentile category as there are simply not enough places for all children deemed “gifted” throughout the five boroughs.

Education writer Alina Adams says that so-called “gifted” education within the US would be categorized as standard education in European and Asian countries and that the system of education in the US “grossly underestimates” the potential of American students.