After 30 years and nearly 3 years of dedicated planning, the University of Clemson will open their college for business education

The 176,000-square-foot business designated as the College of Business is expected to open by 2020, and will allow Clemson University to double their business education space.

Business education is the university’s most popular academic subject. The building is being designed by LMN Architects of Seattle.

Clemson College of Business Dean Bobby McCormick said of the leap forward: “Discussions on this began in the mid-80s and 30 years later, here we are, on the doorstep of a new era of business education at Clemson that will become home to tens of thousands of students for generations to come.”

“Our old friend, Sirrine Hall, has served us well, but modern education needs to look and function like 21st century business, and that is what we are creating here.”

The new building will be funded by the state, institutional bonds, and private gifts and donations, costing a total of $87.5 million.

“Clemson has taken another huge step as a world-class institution by growing its business education capabilities with this new facility, which is unparalleled on campus,” McCormick said.

“This well-lit, inviting atmosphere will shine an even brighter light on our ability to shape students’ leadership, innovation, and entrepreneurial skills.”

Groundbreaking of the university’s biggest building project to take place Friday

The groundbreaking ceremony will be open to the public, taking place in front of the AAlumni Center, north of Walter T. Cox Boulevard.

“This is a historic project in size and scope because of the impact it will have on Clemson University’s future as a whole.” McCormick said.

At the event, attendees will be welcome to cast bricks that will be used in the construction of the building.