Educational programs for deaf children in England is at an all-time low as fewer teachers and resources become less available.

Almost No Support

Almost 45,000 of England’s deaf children are struggling with an incredibly poor educational support system with teachers and resources become unavailable, leaving their education in a state of chaos.

The Consortium for Research into Deaf Education has stated that qualified teachers of the deaf have taken a hefty cut of almost 14%, while deaf children in need of special education have gone up by 30%. Certain areas are reported to be so bad that one teacher is responsible for around 100 deaf students, the situation only worsening day by day.


Susan Daniels, the chief executive of the National Deaf Children’s Society, said “The evidence couldn’t be clearer. From every angle and at every turn, a whole generation of deaf children will have their futures decimated if the government doesn’t act before it’s too late. We already have too few specialist teachers of the deaf across England, but with 60% due to retire in the next 10 to 15 years, the government’s current complacency is a complete dereliction of duty. I’m profoundly deaf and know all too well the challenges of growing up without support. It means struggling to communicate, falling behind at school, failing to achieve your potential.”

Robert Goodwill, minister of state for children and families, has stated that councils have offered £223 million in order to upgrade and reform the special education system and that it would be the biggest reforming of a much-needed education system catering to general and special needs and assisting every child with special needs throughout the kingdom.