The new secretary of education, Damien Hinds, has suggested that exams and qualifying tests were simply not enough when it came to students and their education.

Not The Whole Picture

Damien Hinds, Secretary of Education, has spoken up during his first major speech, stating that schools should focus more on a student’s ethics, workplace skills and character. Schools should also focus on improving students “soft-skills” to aid and guide them in their future with work and life in general.

Hinds has only been secretary for two weeks now, replacing former Secretary of Education, Justine Greening. He also stated that while exams were indeed an important part of any schools educational path, it simply isn’t enough and “not the whole picture when it comes to what you learn and achieve”.

Developing a students thinking process as well as preparing them for future trials and tribulations are a core of schools as opposed to only focusing on exam grades and qualifications.

Thoughts and Statements

During his speech at the seminar, Damien Hinds stated that “There is much outside the relevant qualifications which matter a great deal as well.”

He continued to say “That you believe that you can achieve, that you can stick with the task at hand and that you understand the length there is between the effort you make now and the reward that may come in future and the resilience to bounce back from the knocks that inevitably life brings.”

Hinds also continued to speak out about how fundamental it was that students be taught, guided and prepared for the future work-life. Knowing how to handle certain situations through-out any career and workplace was just as essential to a student’s future as examinations and other educational requirements.

Hinds also commented on technology and how it could aid and assist teachers to lessen the burden on dealing with many students at the same time.