Phoenix governer Doug Ducey has vowed to boost and better state education funding and add more resources to the k-12 program.

Scarce Details

Leaving much to be answered and with the only option of waiting to find out just how much funding is to be added to the k-12 program and how fast funding will be available and ready to use, Gov. Ducey left many questions to be answered after his initial statement.

The governor has also spoken and confirmed that the state had been spending more funding on state prison systems than education fundings even after a large cut during the recession.

During his speech, he vowed to stop neglecting educational programs and the cutting of funds and focus more on boosting available resources for learning and pour more of the state’s resources and funds into education.

“Not anymore.”

Governor Ducey made several statements during his speech as well as promises like “Not anymore.”

He also said, “For the second year in a row, my budget will add no new prison beds and All of this while fighting crime and improving public safety.”, promising to focus more on the needs of the state and tend to its lacking departments during his fourth state of the state speech.

“My cabinet continues to identify millions in wasteful spending, opportunities for consolidation and streamlined services,” he said. Governor Ducey has also put those figures in the high “tens of millions of dollars”, acknowledging the excess spending of the state on less important matters, with budget cuts all over affecting education, public safety and more.

He also stated that Arizona’s public high schools are showing significant improvement, adding that four out of five of the best public high schools in the country were here in Arizona, confirming that children needed more to learn and be educated much better.