Eric Greitens, Governor of Missouri, made a statement about attempting and failing to remove Margie Vandeven from the post of Education Commissioner

Following the Missouri Education Board’s split vote to terminate Margie Vandeven from the position of Missouri’s Education Commissioner (4-4), Governor Eric Greitens made a statement.

Greitens claimed that although the removal of Vandeven would have been helpful to bureaucrats and “insiders”, it would have indicated a failure on behalf of the state’s leaders to families, teachers, and students.

Greitens has spent considerable effort over the past year to terminate Vandeven, although no clear reasons (from either Greitens or associated staff) as to why he has been so determined to replace her.

One such measure has been to instate five members of the board (consisting of a total of eight members) with his personal appointees, with the aim of garnering enough votes to ensure Vandeven would be voted against to continue in her position.

Although Greitens statement on Tuesday criticized a variety of facets concerning education in Missouri, many of the issues he mentioned are beyond the control of Vandeven.

One such criticism mentioned by Greitens was that school administrators receive excessive salaries in comparison to teachers, deeming the salaries of teachers “not enough”.

Vandeven has no say in what school staff and faculty earn, as school boards are responsible for making these decisions in their respective districts.

Vandeven pleased to continue as Education Commissioner

Vandeven has overall received support from Missouri lawmakers, as well as education groups throughout the state.

In a statement following the release of the board’s decision, Vandeven said she was looking forward to getting back to working on children’s education following the unsuccessful endeavors of Governor Greitens to replace her.