According to several reports and statistics, around 3 million adults over the age of 25 in Texas have not finished their high school education.


The Center for Public Policy Priorities has concluded that Texas and California are last in terms of adults that have not finished high school, placing them in the 25% ratio. The GED test which has been consistently updated caused the number of passed tests to sharply drop at 86% during 2014.

Reports also stated that the number of people not passing the test wasn’t because it was harder but because the test was moved from pencil and paper to computers and with the basic knowledge of computer use severely lacking, the number of tests passed plummeted. Due to the severe lack of passing people, several alternative tests appeared which also offered the Texas Certificate of High School Equivalency to enable and encourage more to study and pass the exams in order to receive their diploma.

More Effort

During 2013 and 2015, a 42% drop was reported in people applying and taking the tests as well as the number of tests passed dropping a whopping 73%. As of now, three tests are available which qualify as High School Certificates upon passing.

Several community colleges offer and aid those without high school certificates but with the way the statistics have been dropping, it clearly is not enough and more effort is required in encouraging and aiding those to pass these tests and receive their high school equivalency certificates.

Over 5 million jobs which did not require a high school degree were gone during 2008 with around 60-90,000 of those jobs resurfacing which is clearly not enough to employ those without qualifications. More effort is required in implanting a proper, straight-forward system to aid, certify and employ the roughly 3 million without their degrees.