Issues between school staff remain unresolved at Gonzaga, other concerning issues in certain higher-profile schools

School inspections in Ireland consist of reports measuring schools’ quality on a scale ranging from “very good” (the ideal result) and “weak” (the poorest result).

Irish Education Minister Richard Bruton stated that these school reports are important for teachers and parents to review, as they contain clear information about what aspects of schools are analyzed and inspected, and help readers better understand why inspectors make certain judgments.

The majority of Irish schools were found to hold to quality standards of learning and teaching. However, some concerning issues were discovered in certain schools of esteem.

A community college based on Clondalkin’s report revealed “weak management” and that staff was not providing the standard minimum weekly instruction requirement to pupils.

Gonzaga College based on Ranelagh’s report stated that issues in staff members’ professional relationships may result in focus being detracted from students. School management was still rated as being effective and encouraging a culture that promotes learning.

School inspection reports analyze as many facets of a school’s infrastructure as possible

The finalized report on Irish schools ensures that as many diverse aspects of a school’s total infrastructure (from teaching staff to classroom materials) to rate the school as a whole rather than separate parts.

Even students’ input and role in handling their own education is considered. At Castleroy College in Co Limerick, the report stated that a concerning majority of the student body felt as though their opinions were not considered as to how the school operates.

At another college in Stillorgan, Dublin, the report found that an excess amount of teachers were involved in the deliverance of learning-based support.