State Senator John Murante wants to end the existence of the Nebraska Board Of Education to give way to the Governor’s control after many complaints and poor performance over the years.


Senator John Murante is now looking to completely abolish the 8 member board of education and allow the Governor to be in control of the department and grant him authority over education and hiring a new commissioner.

He stated that the board is “out of touch with the state of Nebraska,” as well as saying that “The Nebraska State Board of Education has clearly demonstrated it has lost its way.” He then presented a new pitch which would allow citizens of the state to vote to see if the board would remain as it is or be removed.

8 members are elected from around the state of Nebraska to run and manage the department of education as well assign a new commissioner in which the Senators resolution is to allow the people to vote on changing the state’s constitutional law.

Response and Statements

According to State Education Board President John Witzel, a decision on is far off and yet to be made.

He also said that “Having the governor in control of the department would allow no engagement with constituents” and that

“Our state is so diversified from west to east and we have different wants, needs, and interests in regards to education and they vote for the representative that will represent them well,”

Senator Murante also said that “The board is out of touch with Nebraskans because of its opposition to school choice and strengthening the Americanism statutes.”