Last week, a conservative news outlet called The Blaze reported on a story about public school parents of students in Jay, Oklahoma who were “infuriated” after the school “took a sex education class way too far”

The story was just about lifted from a post on Facebook dated October 14, 2017, which was written by the parent, Mandy Callihan, and labelled with an “X rated warning.”

Angry Post

In her post, Callihan stated that her daughter, 12, attended a typical sex education class at the local Jay Middle School which had her feeling a bit distraught. Callihan also included a photograph of the homework page that asked children to provide answers to questions like “What is sex?” in addition to requesting that they identify four different types of sexual activity.

In the post, Callihan stated that she along with her husband felt “livid” when they learned of the exercise, and that their daughter had to take the class along with other male students. The class discussed graphic depictions of common sexually-transmitted infections and diseases. She stated that her daughter felt embarrassed by the ordeal and refused to go back, even though the school allegedly sent the parents pamphlets letting them know about the class. Callihan stated that the family did not receive any such letter.


Callihan’s post then went viral after being reported on by multiple disreputable news sites, who also added invalid and incorrect headlines — like known fake news site MadWorldNews, which went on to post full clickbait-esque stories like “Mom Finds 12-Year-Old Girl Crying, Horrified When She Sees What Liberal Educator Gave Her.”

Mainstream news outlets in the region also picked up the story. Callihan either privatized or deleted her original post since.

The principal of Jay Middle School and Kenneth Bridges, the district’s Superintendent, did not respond, but Bridges said to KWTV, the Oklahoma City TV station that this program was discontinued as of the October 13.