According to the SGB (School Governing Body) of Diepsloot Secondary School in South Africa who proudly accounted for a pass rate of 100% announced that student’s parents ought to be significantly involved in children’s education.

Limited Resources

Despite a limit on resources including a lack of laboratory facilities, classrooms converted from containers, and no access to official libraries, all matriculants passed exams with good grades.

Matome Monye-Mayeng, chair member of the announced that they are happy with these results.

“Of the 45 pupils, 28 obtained Bachelor passes, 15 obtained Diploma passes and two obtained Higher certificate passes. These children stay in shacks where some have to share one room with the whole family.”

In addition, Cape Town-based parents of matriculants expressed relief with their children’s results.

The Westerford High School based in the new lands are focused on how well their students performed at the institution achieved yet another pass rate of 100%. The parents of a student named Adam, Keith and Estelle Cloete, shared that they felt even more stressed out about results than their son.


“We all think about our own matric experience and often we had nightmares over the results. As an only child, there’s a lot of pressure. We want good things for our child, he’s going to do engineering next year.”

Lizette Fortune, a single mother, was proud to hear that her daughter Kauthar achieved top academic status in a Manenberg institution call the Leadership College.

Fortune noted that her youngest, who’s interested in physiotherapy studies, was able to succeed in school despite the area’s on-going issue of gang-related violence.

“There were a lot of times where we had to phone someone to fetch her at school or sometimes I had to leave work to fetch her because every so often shootings would occur in front of our house.”