Sherri Ybarra described what she feels is the future of Idaho’s education system last Thursday night, reported the CDA Press.

The superintendent of public instruction said to around 100 people at the Kootenai County Republican Women Federation’s “Women in Red Auction and Dinner” of how she attempted to keep up with many of educational valued outlined be former President Ronald Reagan since she had taken office back in 2015.

“What’s right in Idaho can be traced back,” said Ybarra inside the Hagadone Event Center following several state, local, and national distinct women honoured at the ceremony.

School Initiatives

Ybarra stated that the Idaho Content Standards, which was approved by Legislature following input from stakeholders will be adjusted.

She stated that the standards of science will be debated by Legislature in the coming months prior to final approval.

“I feel confident that they will pass because feedback was taken from the people,” said Ybarra.


A member of the Republican Women, Bonnie Russell-Hunt, stated that she is encouraged after seeing Idaho’s testing progress.

“Idaho is making substantial gains in state-wide testing and has had an increase in graduation rates,” said Russell-Hunt, as reported by the news outlet.

“Testing is important; it helps us monitor student progress,” she stated. “We need to make sure our resources in the right places.”

Ybarra mentioned that she’s optimistic for the initial Parent Advisory Council, due to meet quarterly and ensure that families will have their input on education.

“Strong families are the key to education,” she stated. “The council members are not hand-picked by me or my staff. They are nominated by communities.”

Bullying on the playground and in schools is a continued hurtle, especially do to social media and tech, said Ybarra. She also stated that she, too, was bullied in school.

“Bullies thrive on their victims staying silent,” Ybarra said. “Let’s keep our kids safe.”